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Hunters Pub and Steakhouse - Best Lil' Steakhouse in Georgia

If you like just down right good food...Hunters Pub and Steakhouse is the place for you!

Customer Testimonials

Gary K.

They have some of the best steaks around. The only place I’ve personally been and had better was at Flemmings in downtown Austin, TX. Hunter’s beats them for the price though.

Phyllis Tuggle

This place is fabulous! Whenever we have out of town company, that is the place we take them. My brother-in-law is already talking about going when they are up from Florida for the week of Thanksgiving!

Ben Tewes

Classy Country! My wife and I regard Hunter’s Pub as one of the treasures of the Columbus area. It’s worth the drive to a little cinder block building at a 4-way stop outside Hamilton GA. Our service is always awesome. On Valentines day our waitress brought us a piece of cake for free just because she liked it so much she wanted us to try it. And it was pretty amazing (and I don’t like cake). Fish and Steaks are the specialty at Hunter’s. The specials here have never ceased to amaze. If you want gourmet, finely prepared, savory food with a relaxed atmosphere and a reasonable price please do yourself a favor and visit Hunter’s Pub.



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