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Hunters Pub and Steakhouse - Best Lil' Steakhouse in Georgia

If you like just down right good food...Hunters Pub and Steakhouse is the place for you!

Customer Testimonials

Phyllis Tuggle

This place is fabulous! Whenever we have out of town company, that is the place we take them. My brother-in-law is already talking about going when they are up from Florida for the week of Thanksgiving!

John K

Here’s the quick and dirty. I’m from Atlanta and have eaten at all the top Atlanta Steak joints many, many times. Well, after living in Atlanta for around 20 years I decided it sucked and it was getting suckier by the minute so I sold the house and quit my job and moved to Hamilton, GA. Needless to say I was SO HAPPY when I ate for the first time at Hunters Pub! It had all the taste of the top Atlanta steak houses without the snobby A-holes and insane prices. I like a hole in the wall kind of place…it’s just me. If you are a snob go to Atlanta, if you want to have some fun and mingle with fun people that serve great food come to Hunters. I wear jeans and work boots…..try getting into Bones like that.

Gary K.

They have some of the best steaks around. The only place I’ve personally been and had better was at Flemmings in downtown Austin, TX. Hunter’s beats them for the price though.

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